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Calling all Job Seekers and Currently Working – Use Your Benefits

Considering the variety benefit packages that each organization has to offer job seekers in the market today, it has to be a factor when you are looking for a job. When you first sign up for the great benefits, who could foresee that you wouldn’t actually use them? It’s true. Many great benefits that companies pay for and generously offer to employees go unused. Here are some overlooked benefits you may be able to take advantage of today or in the future:

  1. Fund Matching. Whether it is a 401K matching or charitable contribution matching, your dollars go farther when your employer matches your spending. Make sure you aren’t overlooking this easy way to make your money do more. If you don’t understand the program (because sometimes that can be the only thing holding a person back from reaping this great benefit), schedule some time with your benefits administrator to go over any paperwork or details. If necessary, seek outside help to evaluate your options with your 401k. Your finances are worth the time it takes to understand them. Your retirement fund and the charitable organizations you contribute to will thank you.

  2. Health and Wellness Plans. From losing weight, quitting smoking, all the way to individual counseling; many employers provide wellness programs that go beyond your standard “trips to the doctor”. Seek out the help that can keep you well and out of the doctors office.

  3. Outplacement Services or Employment Assistance. Many times after layoffs or closures employers will offer assistance to employees to help gain new employment. Assistance can mean anything from re-education to help with resumes, interview coaching and help finding new, similar positions. This is an extremely valuable service that can really get you ahead in your search (by possibly saving you a lot of time and other resources before you find your next job). Act quickly with this benefit as sometimes there are time limits associated with this type of service. If your former employer has offered you employment assistance – take this tool and use it to your advantage.

If you are looking for work now, consider your benefits carefully and gravitate towards the ones you will use (and make a commitment to use the ones you get). For anyone that is currently working, maybe it is time to look at what benefits you have left on the table? Do you have any benefits you wish you would have used at a former job?

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