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Outplacement Service Providers provide training, tools and resources to local employers that help their exiting employees during the difficult process of downsizing and lay-offs. They also assist job seekers with their career goals by often offering resume and interview guidance, computer training and networking opportunities. 

Top outplacement firms:


Places employees in new roles 5 months sooner than the national average, while also protecting the employer's brand.

Lee Hecht Harrison

Develop your organization's leadersion and employee engagement to make career transitions simple and straightfoward.

Heart At Work Association

Focused on career development, Heart At Work provides job seekers with resources and advice through life's changes.

Challenger, Gray &

Christmas, Inc

With full time career coaches, Challenger, Gray & Christmas offer displaced employees all the help they need in locating new employment. 


The EmploymentTalk™ product provides successfully connects job seekers with recruiters, career advisors and educational opportunities since 2000.

Mullin International

Mullin International offers a redeployment program that deals globally in corporate restructing, onboarding and outplacement needs.

Keystone Associates

Also specializing in plant closures and early retirement, Keystone aims to connect displaced employees, corporations and community partners.

First Sun Consulting, LLC

FirstS un uses cloud-based tools to guide employers and workers through rebranding, retirement, downsizing and more.


Partnering with One-Stop Centers, Work2Future also offer online courses for experienced and youth job seekers as well as employer programs.

CB Transitions

With the support of CareerBuilder's job board network, employees can quickly re-enter the workforce and advance their careers.

The Five O'Clock Club

Taking a research-based approach, The Five O'Clock Club has programs for job tranisitions all the way up to executive development.

NonProfit Professionals Advisory Group LLC

The ultimate resource for organizations and employees in the nonprofit space, this advisory group lends expertise specific to the industry.

Career Solvers

Catering to upper management and executive employees, Career Solvers has the resources specific to six-figure career transitions.

Synko & Associates LLC

Learn the skills to optimize your job search, update your resume and effectively negtioate new employment offers.


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