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What are Outplacing Services?

Outplacing service providers help exiting employees make an easier career transition. A great deal of research has indicated that unemployment can have a deep psychological effect, and we understand that those suffering from termination or corporate lay-offs need assistance. From serverance pay packages to one-on-one career coaching, outplacement companies are available to help. We have all the resources to make the difficult process of layoffs easier for both downsizing employers and displaced employees.

For organizations, provides your employees with online outplacement resources to increase their success in finding a new career. Outplacement firms support the needs of an organization's downsized employees while maintaining their employment brand. This is recognized through cost effective and technology driven resources.It’s the right thing to do for your employees and organization, and with the agencies featured on it doesn’t have to be expensive.



Outplacement News and Resources

Whether you participate in the training and development of displaced employees, or you're a job seeker looking for resources, we have the information and tools to help you navigate career transitions. Outplcaing can effect all different kinds of job seekers. There are many different types of resources, training guides, first-hand accounts and informational tools to help you navigate unemployement. Our team has decades of HR experience to guide you in your endeavors.

What Are Outplacement Firms?

Outplacement firms are companies that specialize in providing recently displaced job seekers with the tools and resources they need to position themselves as the best candidates. Though some organizations are wary of taking on the additional cost in aiding their prior employees, many consider outplacing to be an investment in recruiting and retention. Offering personalized training, customized resume assistance, and more,  these agencies are committed to transitioning to new employment for further career success. 

Featured Outplacement Providers

Keystone Associates
Keystone Associates Logo

For over 30 years, Keystone Associates has brought companies, professional organizations and job seekers together to create a network of support for career advancement.

RiseSmart Logo

Designed by HR experts, RiseSmart offer a program that focuses on results, personal coaching and clear understanding of how to use technology in your job search. 


Whether you're a job seeker or employer, we have the resources to help you find an outplacement firm that fits your unique needs.

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